Soil Test & Concrete Deign Mix

Here’s a comprehensive list of soil testing and mix design services, which Geo Con Tech offer:

Soil Testing Services
Soil Testing Services:

  • Soil Composition Analysis: Determining the percentage of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter in a soil sample.
  • Moisture Content Testing: Measuring the water content of soil to assess its suitability for construction.
  • Atterberg Limits Testing: Assessing the liquid limit, plastic limit, and plasticity index of soil for engineering purposes.
  • Compaction Testing: Evaluating the soil’s ability to be compacted to a desired density.
  • Permeability Testing: Measuring the rate at which water can pass through soil to assess drainage properties.
  • Shear Strength Testing: Determining the soil’s resistance to shearing forces, important for foundation design.
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Testing: Assessing the strength of subgrade and base materials for road construction.
  • Soil Classification and Index Properties: Classifying soils based on their physical and engineering properties.
  • Consolidation and Settlement Analysis: Studying how soils compress under loads and predicting settlement.
  • Triaxial Testing: Determining soil properties under different stress conditions for geotechnical design.
  • Soil Corrosivity Testing: Assessing the corrosive potential of soil on underground structures.
  • Soil pH and Chemical Analysis: Analyzing soil chemistry and pH levels for agricultural and environmental assessments.
  • Soil Fertility Testing: Evaluating soil nutrient levels to guide agricultural practices.
  • Geosynthetic Testing: Assessing the compatibility and effectiveness of geosynthetic materials in soil applications.
  • Soil Testing for Environmental Contaminants: Identifying pollutants and contaminants in soil for environmental assessments.
Mix Design Services:

  • Concrete Mix Design: Creating concrete mixes with specific strength, durability, and workability characteristics.
  • Asphalt Mix Design: Formulating asphalt mixes for road construction and pavement applications.
  • Soil-Cement Mix Design: Developing soil-cement mixtures for stabilization and construction projects.
  • Grout Mix Design: Designing grout mixes for filling voids, anchoring, and structural repair.
  • Mortar Mix Design: Formulating mortar mixes for masonry and construction purposes.
  • Admixture Evaluation: Assessing the compatibility and effectiveness of chemical admixtures in mix designs.
  • Hydraulic Binder Mix Design: Creating mixtures with hydraulic binders like lime and cement for various applications.
  • Stabilized Earth Mix Design: Developing mixtures for earth construction and earthen structures.
  • Polymer Concrete Mix Design: Formulating polymer-modified concrete for specialized applications.
  • High-Performance Mix Design: Designing mixes with exceptional strength, durability, and performance characteristics.
  • Lightweight Concrete Mix Design: Creating lightweight concrete mixes for specific construction needs.
  • Recycled Material Mix Design: Incorporating recycled materials into mix designs for sustainability.
  • Precast Concrete Mix Design: Formulating mixes tailored for precast concrete production.
  • Shotcrete Mix Design: Designing mixes for the application of shotcrete (sprayed concrete).
  • Fiber-Reinforced Mix Design: Creating mixes with added fibers for improved strength and crack resistance.
Mix Design Services

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Soil Testing & Mix Design Services Soil Testing & Mix Design Services