Repair & Rehabilitation

Structural Repairs and Rehabilitation Services

Our Geo Con Tech is involved in rendering credible facilities of Repair & Rehabilitation Consultancy to our clients. Diverse structures require repair/rehabilitation owing to poor quality concrete / workmanship, construction deficiencies, design deficiencies, severe exposure condition, corrosion, aging and damage due to earthquake, fire, blast, vibrations etc. Our firm offers total Construction Repair Rehabilitation Services including detail visual assessment, NDT, preparing Repair / Rehabilitation scheme and preparing estimates as well as tender documents etc. Guaranteed for a highly credible and reliable performance, these Industrial Repair and Rehabilitation Services have assisted us to carve a distinct niche for ourselves across the entire domain.

Need of Repairs of Structures

  • Redesigning existing structure for nature forces
  • Changed functional requirements and Increase the life of structure
  • Experts recommendation for structural stability

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