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Old buildings/structures have reduced strength in the due course of time. If further use of such weakened structures is continual, it may endanger the lives of the occupants and surrounding occupancy. Appropriate actions need to be applied to improve the performance of structures and restore the desired function of structures. Thus, it is of utmost importance to perform a structural audit of existing buildings and to implement maintenance/ repair work time which will lead to prolonged life of the building and safety of the occupant. A structural Audit is an overall health and performance checkup of a building like a doctor examines a patient. It ensures that the building and its premises are safe and have no risk. It analyses and suggests suitable repairs and retrofitting measures required for the buildings to perform better in their service life.

Purpose of Structural Audit:

  • To save human life and buildings
  • To understand the condition of building
  • To find critical areas to repair immediately
  • To comply with statutory requirements
  • To enhance life cycle of building by suggesting preventive and corrective measures like repairs and retrofitting.

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